Photo: Nathalie Hedin

Photo: Nathalie Hedin

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Makross was born after a passionate meeting between four jazzmusicians, it was four years ago on a cozy autumn night. From it’s first faltering steps Makross has developed, found it’s own way and gained a taste for life. The chord instruments were quickly abandoned to make room for no less than two saxophones, a big one and a small one. Compositions were written furiously and the first album ”Det är inte så lätt”  (It’s not that easy) arrived in 2012. Now it’s time for a second round and with new songs like ”Sebastian räddar julen” (Sebastian saves christmas) and ”Rosiga Rostedt” (Rosy Rostedt), Makross is once again ready to rock your socks off.

The new album ”Kapitel 2 – Vilken Lycka” (Chapter 2 – What a joy) is out may 2015 on Havtorn Records


Jens Persson – Alto saxophone

Rasmus Nyvall – Tenor saxophone and clarinet

Andreas Henningsson – Acoustic bass

Kristoffer Rostedt – Drums


Said about Makross:


The music on their new CD ”Det är inte så lätt”  has a humorous and good-naturedly vibe.. The compositions are imaginative, often with a twist, while the song titles are wonderfully obscure.”

-Jörgen Östberg, Orkesterjournalen

Fresh and fierce, explosive and serene in a great big mix. It’s swinging most of the time, the interplay between the four is impressive. Also the often excellent and elaborate compositions that sometimes are presented in the intricately way that Wayne Marsh and Lee Konitz used to do.”

-Jan Olsson, DIGJazz


Great to hear a BAND with a distinct sound and that is well rehearsed with a fun repertoar. I’m a fan!”

- Peter Nilsson, drummer (The Opposite, Plunge, Cecilia Persson, Bobo Stenson)


Makross has a refreshing disrespect and in the faster passages it sound really great.”
- Adina Magnusson, Nya Wermlands Tidningen 

The titel of the album (I’ts not that easy) reflects a humorous feature that is also found in the music, where Nyvalls tenor- and Jens Perssons alto can create a fierce sound when needed. Some of the composed parts are very well done …”

-Björn Stefanson, Värmlands Folkblad