"UNDOUBTLY, Makross has managed to find a sound with a strong foundation in the American jazztradition as well as the Swedish. The group often sounds bigger than it is and even if this a young group, they are so deeply rooted in the tradition that their music should be able to speak to an older audience."

-Lennart Götesson, Dala-demokraten

MAKROSS is a jazz quartet, but also a band in its true sense as they shape the music together in a collective effort. With curiosity and great love for the art they explore different expressions and formats, and are constantly evolving and striving for that magical musical connection with their audience.

THE MUSIC blends American and Nordic jazz tradition into something swinging, melodic and fun, but there’s also room for contemplation and pensiveness. This is live music, best experienced with some good friends, something to drink and perhaps making some noise when the energy peaks!

THE INSTRUMENTATION consists of two saxophones, bass and drums. This lineup without any chord instrument gives Makross their distinctive
sound and in many ways opens the music up to a freer approach.

MAKROSS has toured since 2011 across Europe, released 4 albums and collaborated with some of the best jazz musicians of the Nordic countries!

Photo: Cesare Righetti

"THEY BASE THEIR ARRANGEMENTS and and performance on an American jazz tradition as well as a Swedish one. But it's important to underline that they have a personal, independent style.

The energy and joy for playing is contagious, it's entertaining. Terms like swinging and spreaders of joy are fitting!"

- Bo Bjelvehammar, Magasin Opulens

"All-IN-ALL, 'Kapitel 2 - vilken lycka' is one this years biggest uppers. You simply can't be in a bad mood when Makross goes off. Strongly recommended. 

-Daniel Gustavsson, Lira

”FRESH AND FIERCE, explosive and serene in a great big mix. It’s swinging most of the time, the interplay between the four is impressive. Also the often excellent and elaborate compositions that sometimes are presented in the intricate way that Warne Marsh and Lee Konitz used to do.”

-Jan Olsson, DIGJazz

"THE MUSIC OF MAKROSS is in many ways uncomplicated, but it has that free feel and at the same time sympathetic and captivating melodies… Both saxophonists plays logical solos and are backed by a supporting and varied rhythm section in the form of Andreas Henningsson and Kristoffer Rostedt. A very nice album and now there is no excuse not to dust off the old record player that many have in their attics…”

Jan Strand, Orkesterjournalen